Lolli Brands is presenting the next big IDEA


The Lolli name is synonymous with breaking the mold and forging new paths in business. In 2009, Anthony Lolli changed the way we look at rental real estate by franchising his groundbreaking brokerage firm, Rapid Realty. Thanks to its unique business model and Anthony’s hands-on leadership, Rapid Realty became one of the largest real estate companies in New York within two years.  

Today Lolli Brands is continuing that tradition of success through innovation in other sectors. We build businesses based around concepts that take a novel approach to their specific industries. Our companies represent new ways of monetizing existing markets, either by predicting and responding to emerging trends or by utilizing original strategies to create new value.

From real estate development to entertainment, Lolli Brands is revolutionizing one industry at a time, the way only Anthony Lolli can.