Two of the most important influences on Anthony Lolli were his father—a New York City public school teacher—and the teacher at the real estate school that Anthony attended when he was 19. From his father, Anthony learned to value the life-changing power of education. From his teacher, Anthony learned that the real estate business was about more than selling homes and renting apartments; it was a massive, multifaceted industry where education played a central role.


Anthony founded Express Real Estate School and gave it to his parents in honor of his father’s many years as a devoted educator. Offering introductory licensing courses and continuing education for real estate salespersons and brokers, Express Real Estate school started off located on the floor above Rapid Realty’s flagship office, then moved to its own location as its popularity surged.


With a stellar 95% passing rate for its students, Express Real Estate School ultimately helped over 30,000 people start careers in the real estate industry.