In 1998, when he was just 21, Anthony Lolli broke the mold by founding a New York City real estate company that focused on rentals and the needs of the outer boroughs, instead of fighting over the same Manhattan sales as every other firm.

In 2009, he broke the mold once again by turning Rapid Realty NYC into the nation’s first rental-based real estate franchise system. Under his hands-on leadership, the company grew at an incredible rate during a time when most real estate companies were scaling back or closing their doors entirely.


Don’t tell people
your dreams.
Show them


With Anthony at the helm, Rapid Realty blossomed into one of the largest real estate firms in New York, and gained national—and even global–recognition not only for its phenomenal growth, but for the amazing excitement and loyalty of the agents who worked there. This was most clearly demonstrated when over 40 Rapid Realty agents got tattoos of the company’s logo, which grabbed headlines around the world. (Today that number is over 100!)

Rapid Realty continues to earn acclaim for its innovative, scalable business model, leadership, and diversity as it expands across the country.