Anthony Lolli is a proud board member and equity stakeholder in WhoseYourLandlord.com.


WYL is an innovative online service that utilizes the power of crowdsourcing to make the apartment rental process more transparent and worry-free for renters in major cities across the US. Combining a powerful search capacity to enable renters to comb through available listings with an innovative system for reviewing the landlords and property managers themselves, WYL gives renters the power to benefit from each other’s experiences to ensure they know what they’re getting when they go to sign a lease.


WYL uses the possessive for of the word ‘who’ because they are giving renters and home providers ownership of their rental situations by putting housing in their hands. Through extensive peer insight from other renters, city data amassed from years of research, and quality available listings, WYL is ensuring that all their renters have a smooth and all encompassing experience when they’re looking to find their next home.